Monday, February 1, 2010

Headed Out

Taking care of the little things before heading out of town for some mountain biking in the desert. The plan is to get lots of riding, fun, and sunshine in while I can. Dejay and Rob are in charge of SSUSA, and I know that it will not disappoint. After that it is a week worth of riding in the desert with old friends on great trails. Yeah yeah Mount Lemmon might be the best known climb in Tucson, but I can't think of a more entertaining time than climbing Reddington Road. This climb though shorter is all dirt, has a true red neck firing range, and signs warning you of the drug and human smuggling which you may encounter while on the road. Plus the road takes to to the AZ Trail, which is from what I have been told is in perfect shape right now. I'll take that over 20 something miles of gradual climbing, where my only motivation is pie up in Summerhaven.

Highlights of the trip down will include: catching up with Heather and Doug in Park City, riding with Lynda and Dave in St. George, riding in Sedona (maybe with or without HB), and maybe a stop in Phoenix to see Deegs. All I'm hoping for is good roads, and decent weather, thats all it will take to keep me happy. Once in Tucson, the sky is the limit, but lots of riding will be involved. Looking forward to seeing folks like Scooby, Gnome, Bruce, Fuzzy, Baldyga, Chuey, Surly Nick, and probably making a trip to see the TCH gang. Made the switch to completely rigid because the Reba needed more work than I felt like paying for. Why spend money, when you can just slap on a spare Surly fork that has been hanging around since the 07 Old Pueblo?

That is the bike as it stands now, still got the 34x20 gearing, which should work just fine, and I'm packing the spare 18 and 21 just in case I'm super strong or super weak. Also packing a nice going away present I received in the form of 750 ml bottle of Chimay Blue. It will take a lot of will power for that to stay corked until AFTER the race, but I think I got it in me. Time to get packing.

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