Thursday, February 4, 2010

St. George

Cruised on into St. George, UT yesterday, and went out for a ride with Lynda. Driving down the hill into town I got excited when I saw the thermometer in my car slowly go from 38 degrees to 59 degrees in a couple of minutes. Lynda showed up in wearing arm and knee warmers, I felt like i was in an oven, so opted for just shorts and a jersey. We cruised out of town talking about 24 Hours of Moab, Butte 100, SSUSA, and Old Pueblo, it was that standard singlespeed vibe of "I've never really met you before but we know enough of the same people that you must be a good egg." In a few minutes we were riding singletrack, and I was happy.

We rode this trail called barrel roll which was a combination of technical and smooth singletrack. Lynda knew what she was doing on these trails, and I was happy to just hang back and follow her line. After finishing the loop, I realized I lost my seat bag which contained a multi tool, big air canister, CO2 pump thing, patch kit, and spare master link. I was bummed, and realized it would be a good chunk of change to replace the contents. Lynda simply said, lets ride the loop backwards, and keep and eye out. Sure enough after we had nearly finished the loop there was my seat bag. I was happy, and stuffed the bag into my jersey pocket for safe keeping. After a little over two hours of trails, we headed back to town, and my grin was too large to measure, goodbyes were said, then I drove onto Flagstaff, where Nathan was kind enough to offer me up a futon to sleep on, a shower to use, and a pint of ginger flavored scotch ale to sip. Today it is onto Tucson, with a stop in Sedona on the way, enjoy pictures below.

Lynda on the trail

Buff singletrack

Technical section

Off in the distance

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