Sunday, February 21, 2010


Looks like the various Missoula folks have been getting out and riding. Weekend group rides are starting up, Johnny College is always trying to find someone to join him on a ride to Frenchtown, and temps look like they will be in the 40s next week. While I still wish that I had stayed down in Tucson longer, Missoula is working out just fine. Trying to get out for some good rides. I'm a huge fan of hitting up Trails End. Get out there, then damn near black out going up the steep climb in the 46x19 gear. That gear is more appropriate for the other side, so I try to get a climbing fix in there. Nothing special or long, but consistent, car free, and a personal favorite. The only thing missing is someone waiting at the top with some hot food and a cold beer. Since I am quite mediocre at coming up with actual content to post right now, I will leave you with a snap shot from St. George.

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