Monday, February 22, 2010


When hanging out with Jake during SSUSA and Old Pueblo, he kept going on and on about the new singlespeed from Black Sheep he was getting. It was interesting to try to follow his explanations of what the bike would look like, only based on the description he could provide. He seemed most excited about the fact that the bike would be getting debuted at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond, VA, and that there was some good chances for the bike to get some awards. When checking out Singletrack early this AM, low and behold there was an article dedicated to Jake's new bike.

Read the article and look at the pictures and you will understand why this bike is a "blinglespeed". More titanium than you can shake a stick at, top shelf components, unique frame/fork design, and he got his bottle cages welded to the frame for God's sake! Big credit has to go to Jake for taking a leading role in the concept and design of this bike. It seems like it happens frequently that someone with a whole bunch of money will throw it at a frame builder and tell them to build them a frame, and then spec it out with the most expensive parts available. Not Jake, the curved tubes, double tubes, handlebar were all based on his ideas. Oh yeah, he is also crazy fast on a mountain bike, the dude's got it made.

Now that you are already jealous of Jake's new bike, be ready to get even more pissed, I doubt the payed half of what a regular joe would have thrown down to get that bike. Jake's got as many hookups as God, whether it be titanium bike builders, New Belgium Brewing, Gates Carbon Belt Drive, Pearl Izumi, or insert name of any other bicycle component company you wish gave you free shit. Don't worry, hang out with him long enough, the hookups trickle down. I've had the pleasure of receiving free beer from New Belgium because I was picking it up for Jake, and he helped me get some goodies from Smith. His bike room will make you cry, and he is the only person I know whose "travel bike" is another custom Black Sheep. One of these days I might just "borrow" one of his bikes and never give it back.

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