Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 SSUSA

SSUSA 2010 is in the books, and it was a great time, no other way to put it. It seems a little pointless to just go ahead and try to describe the event in paragraph form, so instead you will get the bullet highlight version.

-Friday night pre race gathering at Surly Wench
-Dax, Timmy, Kramer, Jake, and Self winning the award for largest tab
-3:30 am bedtime for a 9 am race
-Feeling surprisingly for the 7.5 mile neutral roll out
-Le Mans start with front wheels off bikes
-Being first one on the bike
-Riding in top 6 for the Reddington Climb
-Great time on AZ Trail
-Being amazed while watching members of the Durango Crew descend down Chiva
-Sunshine on my shoulders
-La Milagrosa descent
-Finish, the real fun can begin
-A cooler full of Oscar Blues which never seems to empty
-Derby to decide overall champs
-Tug of War to decide next years location
-Two kegs
-100 dollar snack run to Safeway
-1 Keg
-"Chuey's like my dad" - Jake
-Rain drops
-Sleep in car
-Wake up and see Dax (who won the bike race) asleep under an RV


Morning after, smoldering fire and leftover keg

Dax's sleeping spot

Jake and Kramer won the tug of war battle, and next years event will be in Boulder

Timmy next to the bon fire

Bailey the 2010 SSUSA champ


Dude in pink undies

Krista Park climbing like a champ

Rudi leads us in Happy Birthday

Krista Park waiting to start

Neutral roll out

Handmade 36 inch wheel bike

Jake's new gloves

Rob new undies

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