Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Right now it is the in between time down here in Tucson. Folks have gone home to loved ones after the affair that is SSUSA, and people haven't quite started to trickle in for the Old Pueblo. Only four of us remain, Dejay, George, Rob, and Self, and with a variety of germs, injuries, and residual food and drink hangovers. With minimal responsibilities, and even smaller amount of female contacts the worst of our qualities are starting to show. Dirty clothes are worn without hesitation, showers aren't completely necessary, and general laziness is accepted.

Only Rob and I rode yesterday, just a quick trip down to TMP. I took him on what used to be my "after-work/before sunset" ride. Back in late 06/early 07, I could hammer through this ride solo in about an hour 45. Yesterday, minimal effort was used, stops were taken for pictures, and time seemed to be the least of my concern. With all that, we still motored through in an hour 30, so I guess I've gotten better at this bike riding thing. Food has been nothing but leftovers, such as chocolate covered bacon, bags of chips, redvines, pretzels, and leftover keg. It kind feels like living in a fraternity house again, except with more bikes, and no classes. Pictures below.

Rob keeping it real

It was all downhill from here, note how tan lines have developed

Monday picture

More monday picture

Rob and I with matching cactus

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