Friday, February 26, 2010


Happy Friday, it's windy like a bitch outside, but the sun is kinda out, so I guess I'll get my ass out there for a ride today. I'm waiting on some stuff to fall in place in order to get some "real" content up on this half-baked pescimism spewing thing that gets referred to as a blog. Until that happens, I'm doing my best to figure out ways to fill the pages here. On the racing front related to yesterday's post I am still searching for a "Miss Havisham" type to provide me with all the coin I need to get to races this year (if you dont know who Miss Havisham is one of your high school english teachers needs to get smacked upside the head). Enough of that, this is what has been going on in cycling/other shit I pay attention to. Check 'em out, then go ahead and agree/disagree/really disagree with me, it's all up to you.

Tom Zirbel writes and email to Big Jonny : After swinging his dick like a big shot at TT Nationals and TT Worlds, Zirbel got busted. He did interviews with all the major cycling outlets, then he went ahead and wrote this email to Big Jonny. Full post includes plenty of comments, one from Zirbel himself. I'd like to believe he is innocent, and that the system is fucked up, and he really got "tainted" supplements, but I find it tougher and tougher. Sorry guys you can thank Floyd for ruining the "I just have no idea why I tested positive defense, maybe it was something I drank" defense.
Tom's follow up email : Not doing anything to help me believe he is innocent, but at least he can write well (better than me for sure)
Cancellara's bike gets banned : File this one under "No Shit" Contador's bike got banned last week, and Cancellara rides the same one. They are pissed, and I'm sure Specialized will turn this into some sort of marketing campaign along the lines of Cannondales "Legalize My Bike" back in 2003. I got an idea for them, ride last years bikes, you know the one that Cancellara absolutely destroyed everyone else on.
Giro to start in DC : I have always thought this was a dumb idea, and when reading more and more about it, I am convinced that it is. They talk about how starting an Italian race in the US will help to promote green ideas and living in DC. While my carbon footprint isnt as small as it could be I do think that all extra gases released into the atmosphere due to the extra Trans-Atlantic flights isnt all that great for the environment. An Italian bike race starting in Washington DC 5 months before a presidential election just doesnt make sense to me. Keep the Giro in Italy or in neighboring countires.
Who would have thought hockey would grab the attention of Americans : The last time I gave a shit about hockey was in 1994 when the Rangers won the cup. Now I actually care about the US Hockey team. As of this writing they are up 6-0 on Finland, and I got to say that if they make it to the gold medal game it will be appointment TV for me. I would like to see a US-Canada rematch mainly because it will allow me to have a long back and forth phone call full of nationalistic banter with my Canadian buddy "Le Phil"
Timmy got his ass a blog : I was wrong, he can read and write.
More snow in the NE : I think this storm left more snow at the folk's house in NJ than Missoula has gotten all winter. The weather is fucked up
US Healthcare : I'll probably be collecting Social Security (if it doesn't go bankrupt) before this Health Care debacle gets fixed.

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend, drink a beer, eat some sweets, you get the picture.

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