Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Season

Last year on a wing and a prayer, and with the help of a bunch of people I was able to piece together a pretty substantial race season. I did MTB races in MT, ID, UT, WY, and CO which ran the gauntlet of XC to Marathon to 24 Hour formats. While the long hours alone in the car traveling to the races were not the most fun, getting to test myself in races like The Firecracker 50, Galena Grinder, Laramie Enduro, and 24 Hours of Rapelje were well worth it. Right now due to a fair amount of uncertainty regarding my future and where I will be at the end of the summer, had held me back from thinking and pre registering for races as of now. Regardless, I will post a "tenative" schedule of what races I would like to do this year (not necissarily taking money and travel into account)

3/27 Speedwagon Classic (Polson, MT) - Seely just knows what he is doing in regards to this race
4/10 Barking Spider (Boise, ID) - Raced last year, and would like to go back and move up a step on the podium, plus it is the first race in some National series, meaning I could hold the lead in a national series
4/15 - 4/18 Sea Otter Classic (Monterey, CA) - Never done this, but it seems like I should
5/8 Coyote Classic (Boise, ID) - Got to defend a win
5/15 Dirt Sweat and Gears (Tennessee) - heard nothing but good things about this, I just hope there isnt mud like last year
Late May - Something big maybe
6/12 9 to 5 Marathon Race (Boise, ID) - I like the format and time length
6/26 24 Hours of Rapelje (Rapelje, MT) - Want to do the full 24 hours
7/4 Firecracker 50 (Breckenridge, CO) - Great race and vibe
7/17 Breckenridge 100 (Breckenridge, CO) - Screw nationals, this looks better
7/24 Galena Grinder (Galena, ID) - Another win to defend
7/31 Butte 100 (Butte, MT) - Only if we can start in a bar in downtown
8/7 High Cascades 100 (Bend, OR) - Heard good things bout this

There ya have it, that is what I would like to race, got a mix to XC, Marathon, and a 24 Hour for good measure. Now I just got to hit the lottery to be able to afford it all. Anyone got any suggestions for what numbers I should play?

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