Thursday, February 18, 2010

Az Trip Summed Up

I'm not the greatest writer in the world, this I know. I do a better job of expressing myself when something pops into my head, and I can ramble/speak/spit fire until I've expelled everything about that topic. Believe me whatever I wind up typing here is only about 20% to 60% of what I really think about that topic. I wind up forgetting things, or not being able to remember the structure that I had originally used to describe whatever was flowing through my noggin. Just checked out the Bike29 blog, and George hit the nail on the head as far as summing up my trip to AZ.

The four of us had a great 3 days together, be it geeking out on laptops on Dejay’s dining room table, going for rides, or the massive hike that almost got EPIC. We shared laughs, ate Mexican food and drank a few beers during this time. While it wasn’t necessarily the glossy drool inducing photos found in your favorite mountain bike magazine, to me, it was the very essence of what mountain biking means, sharing great experiences with friends.

He's right, Bike, or Mountain Bike Action might never publish photos from our rides, and the gang who direct the freeride videos would never want to film our riding. Never the less, my trip, and the time I got to spend with people is the whole principal behind mountain biking (with gears or without). So with that, one more picture of the greatness that was AZ.

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