Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TMP Recovery Ride

Yesterday the group of Dejay, Rob, George, and Self headed out to ride at Tucson Mountain Park for a nice ride. Other SSUSA racers were staying at the fancy resort out there, and we figured we might bump into them. We did, right as they had finished their ride, and were heading to the porch to enjoy a beverage. Regardless the four of us headed out to ride some trails, and four became three when George realized his injured body wasn't up to dealing with the pain dished out by the trails. The three remaining spun around for an hour, with the main highlight being Rob and Self both getting stuck in the arm by the same cactus, 3 seconds apart. Post ride activities included eating chips and salsa on the porch, and sitting in the hot tub. All in all a good day on the bike.

TMP trails

Rob trailside


Scenery from the ruins

Despite popular belief, I can assure that cactus does in fact hurt

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