Friday, February 5, 2010

Flagstaff to Tucson, via Sedona

Woke up Thursday morning in Flagstaff, and after getting coffee, wasting time on some internets, and downloading new podcasts to listen to I headed down to Sedona. Once again it was great to see the thermometer go from the high 30's to the high 50's in a matter of minutes. I stopped in at the Absolute Bike shop, picked up a free map of the trails, and headed out for some fun. While it was cloudier than St. George, the fact that I was riding in Sedona in February made up for this slight hiccup. While checking out the new Lama trail, I noticed that my right foot was coming unclipped during my upstroke. Bad luck once again, I had broken the spring in the pedal, so I rode myself back the the car to make a quick switch.

Once back on the trails I bumped into some of the fine folks who work for VooDoo Bicycles who were showing a client from the UK around. I asked if I could tag along, they said yes, and the group of four became a group of five. Eventually we bumped into two more Flagstaffians (and a dog) who joined the gang, and now we were officially a posse. All was well until I started to hear that hiss sound that can only come from a puncture. Lucky enough Stans went to work, the puncture was sealed, and we continued on our merry way. All total after three hours or so we were finished. We said our goodbyes, everyone but me headed north, and I headed towards the parking lot that is Phoenix right on schedule for rush hour.

I had made it to Tucson by 7, and after dropping off Ivy's bike I met Dejay, Fuzzy, and rest of folks who were already in town. Just like the old days, hanging out on fourth ave, choosing our watering hole based on whether or not we knew a bartender who would give us cheap drinks, and talking about any and everything. After a failed attempt to find Sonoran Dogs Dejay and self were dropped off at house, where we decided it would be a great idea to make the bacon covered in chocolate which would be available to racers. Despite some small setbacks we could not burn down the house, and eventually called it a night. All in all it was a great day, photos below.

Sedona playground

More Sedona

Joe and John of VooDoo Bicycles

Cathedral in the Rocks

VooDoo John

Late night sandwhichs being prepared while chocolate is melting (special note: my mom knitted the WONDERFUL hate Dejay is wearing)

Juda hoping food will fall to the floor

The chocolate has melted, and the bacon will be covered

Finished product

Transportation time, surprisingly only two strips wound up on the floor

Not enough fridge space, so the last (and largest) sheet was dumped in the drawer

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