Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hockey, Weather, and Classics

Planned the day around that little hockey game which was supposed to start off at 1. All worked out well, except for the outcome thanks to that jackoff people call Sid The Kid. Hope all those hard nosed folk in PennsylTucky boo his ass out of the country, he doesnt belong in the land of Yeungling if you ask me. I thought that this game had more potential too improve US Foreign Relations than the outcome of the Rocky vs. Drago fight in Rocky 4. Alas, it didnt end the way I wanted, and as a result there will still be plenty of confusion about how to pronounce the letter "O" (see Canadian Bacon quotes).

On the plus side, the weather out here looks like it will be nice for the next week or so. I'm looking forward to the possibility of plenty of long rides getting plenty of Vitamin D in the system. Maybe even try to get up into Pattee and see how long I can get a ride in there for. On the opposite end of the weather spectrum. Classics have kicked off over in the land of frites. Cold, windy, and wet, basically the three elements needed to make a shitty day on the bike. This is where the hard men of cycling show their stuff, screw having your worker bees guard you during a climb waiting for the final 12 km climb of the day to make a movie. Get that grit in your teeth, and have your backside get worked over from riding on the cobbles. I wish I could be there, enjoying a Chimay, eating some frites, and ringing a cowbell.

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