Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out With The Old, and In With The New

Got the Ergon hook up from Big Daddy Kerkove down at the Old Pueblo. I've been using the Ergon grips for a couple years now (I even had them on my fixie before some jackoff stole it). My old MTB setup was a pair of Ergon comfort grips paired with some Bontrager carbon bar ends. The Combo worked well, although it just looked a little sloppy. Now I got me the new GX2 grips with carbon bar ends. This shit is bling, and after using them for my ride in St. George on Monday, I can say that I think I will adjust to the small bar end just fine. I'm back in MT for a while or so now, so here's to colder temperatures and not being able to ride MTB trails. I know I said I'd get an Old Pueblo post up, but I doubt that will happen, but I got some ideas to fill the pages in the future.

Old setup

New setup

Product testing in St. George

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