Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Trail Party, Hump Day Thoughts

Last night, as the brainchild of Mr. Civilian Cyclist (Horan), would be a gathering to celebrate the first day of riding trails in Missoula. Heard about it from Mr. MTCX post Speedwagon, but with the weather being annoying the number who might show was in jeopardy. At 5 it was just a group of 5 including self, Jeff, Betsy, Mr. MTCX, and Forrest. Horan wanted to ride, but was too busy squeezing limes for margaritas, and cooking beans. To make up for this he let me pour myself a finger worth of 10 year old scotch, plain. No complaints there from me, and as far as I was concerned we could have just ridden around the block and I would have been happy.
The ride was quite mellow, with just a quick trip up sawmill, then back down the same way. It was nice to Radley throw down some ass-kicking style rolling down the singletrack, dude deserved to be on the cover of some glossy magazine with those moves. Upon return, Horan hooked us up with margaritas that when combined with my dehydration resulted in a quick feeling of the buzz. A trip was made for some Tecate, I won a 17 dollar bet due to my knowledge of Dancing With The Stars (i am pathetic), food was consumed, and good times were had. Big thanks to Horan for putting that together, I just hope the folks at SRAM know how to party as well as Horan.

Now with it being "Hump Day" today, I will spend some time, giving my two cents about various stories related to the world of cycling and beyond. Enjoy or don't, agree or don't, I'm not all that concerned, I'm just typing away right now.

Team Sky is letting the racers pick their Tour squad: To me this is kinda as odd as a teacher letting students decide their own grades. It's an idea that is great in theory and all, but lets face it when jobs and money get factored into the equation, some of the worse character traits of the racers on Team Sky will surface. It makes me think of what was rumored to have gone down before the road race world championships. The team from Australia needed to decide who they would ride for. If the racers had their way Cadel Evans would have gotten no support because he is a dick and everyone on the team hated him. Well the team director put his foot down and said, they would race for Cadel, because he was the strongest, badda bing badda boom, we all know what happens next. Team directors are there for a reason, to direct, racers are there for a reason, to race, let's try to keep it that way.

Cav's gonna race in Cali: Not too surprised about this one, team has a title sponsor from the US, and they ride on bikes who is based out of the US. Plus I'm sure Cav already knows how to pick up the ladies in Europe where cyclists are gods (don't forget how much those Italians love sprinters too). Maybe he is looking for the challenge of trying to land himself some stuck up California girls where they might not have a thing for cyclists to begin with. Remember the sign of a true champion is always looking for a newer tougher challenge to accomplish.

Classics buzzkill for Haussler, and Boasson Hagen: No matter how strong you are, injuries happen, and they screw things up. I remember back in 2007 when I was feeling like a big shot after my performance at the AZ state championships, I thought I was gonna kill it at the Whiskey 50 a few weeks later. Well the night before I had a few too many with friends in downtown Prescott, and felt like shit the next morning at the start line (kinda like getting injured, just self-inflicted). It took my a solid hour of the race to sweat out all the residual booze in my system, and I missed my sub 5 hour goal.

Sucks to be McNabb: Nothing to do with cycling, but as someone who hails from that neck of the woods I've been following this story. I don't think I've ever seen a football player who has been that good, and elevated a team as much as McNabb has done for Philly, then will most likely get royally screwed by that organization. He's getting passed over for a puppy killer, and a career backup, I just hope whatever team he winds up on doesn't play the Giants, because McNabb is gonna be on a mission this season.

Yankees pitcher uses both hands: I've never seen anything like this, the closest would be Jim Abbot who managed to pitch even though he only had one hand. The kid can pitch with either his right or left hand, has a special glove with six finger slots, and the umpires created a new rule just for him. That is awesome, and it makes me wish Mike and the Mad Dog were still on the air together, because the back and forth banter between the two about this would be off the charts on the comedy scale.

That's all I got, the next posts will be coming from Chicago.

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