Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick Fix, and Big Plans

No I'm not talking about the type of fix that a junkie needs, but rather fixing something I screwed up. Don't be surprised it happens on a fairly regular basis. Yesterday I said that registration and the start of the The Speedwagon Classic would be at Matt Seeley's house. That's how it was last year, and since his email to me didn't mention anything about the change, I figured thats how things were gonna stay. Thanks to none other than Mr. MTCX, I got the proper link for all the race info. If you see that guy buy him a beer for me, cause I'm to cheap, and only buy drinks for myself. If that link doesn't work, then just drive your ass up to Polson early Saturday morning, hang out on the side of the highway by the WalMart once you enter town, and hold up a sign that says "I need directions to the Speedwagon start", and you should be okay.

Now about these big plans, it looks like this little "self-pity pill party" (borrowed from Big Jonny) that I call SSMT, has lead to big things for me. Unless you have been living under a rock you are well aware that the fine folks over at SRAM have come out with a new 2x10 drivetrain (and other components) for us MTB folk, called "XX". Now plenty of people have gotten excited about this, but I am not one of them, gears are too complicated for me, so I ignore them. With this combination of stupidity/hatred of gears and my ability to type these random thoughts on this page, has led to me getting one of the greatest offers in the world.
New XX crankset and BB

I opened up my seldom checked SSMT email account, and had this email from the folks over at SRAM.
"Dear Andrew,
Many of us in the SRAM office have been following your blog for a while now, and have found it both pathetic and humorous. While we are excited for the launch of our new XX drivetrain to the public, we know that the both pro-level racers, and racers with deep pockets will love our new XX drivetrain, no matter what. We however think that if we can get someone who has no ability to work with a geared drivetrain, to both figure it out and fall in love with our product, we will know that we have produced one of the best products for the market. As a result we would like for you to join us next week in Chicago to test out out the XX drivetrain and additional components for a few days. We will cover all of your expenses for the trip, and hope to hear back from you with your response soon."


I read this email, and basically thought to myself that while these guys are really nice, they still dont realize that I literally cannot figure out a geared drivetrain. Regardless a free trip to Chicago (I was born just north of chicago, and my sister lives there) to try out new bike goodies, that some orthodontist in Salt Lake City who races on a Superfly in the Sport class has been drooling over for some time now, is something I couldn't pass up. After checking the Cubs schedule, and learning where the Man V. Food Chicago Challenge was, I wrote back.

XX trigger shifters

"SRAM dudes,
Thanks for the offer, which I hope to take you up on. However, I do have some conditions that you must meet in order for this trip to happen.
1.) I want to attempt the Man V. Food Challenge at Lucky's in Wrigleyville, you must front the money for this, and cheer me on when I attempt it while in town.
2.) The Cubs will start their season Monday April 5, 2010. We must watch the game near Wrigley Field, and you must pick up my bar tab (I promise to only drink Olde Style).
3.) I want to screen any of your single male employees between the ages of 25 and 35, to pick someone who will take my sister on a date, she needs to date a bike guy.
If you meet these terms, just tell me when my flight is."

Stupidly they took the bait, and I will be heading to Chicago next week to test out the new XX drivetrain. Whoever thought that randomly spewing my thoughts onto a blog throw my keyboard would result in something so awesome? I will provide pictures and updates from the entire journey, in hopes of generating even more jealously.

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