Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Hook Criterium

I love crits and velodrome racing for some questionable reasons. It's the best type of racing to see a whole bunch of action without using a ton of energy. If you have ever been to a velodrome to witness some racing you know what I'm talking about. Grab a beer, then either sit down or lean on a railing and watch the action (and wait for the crashes). You only need to move to get more beer or take a leak, and you can see everything at all times (even folks warming up and cooling down). Same kinda goes with crits, you all the actions happens right in front of you. Yeah cross is kinda like that, but more walking may be involved.

Anyway, despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of what Brooklyn has become (and that kid from Brooklyn who was at the same new years party as me was a huge dick), they got themselves a bitching race going on this weekend. Basically take an alley cat race and a velodrome race, make them have sex, and The Red Hook Criterium is their love child, a brakeless crit. It all takes place under the lights, late at night, and with a fair quantity of beer. I wish I could be there, instead I am taking other steps to get some sort of coverage for the followers of SSMT. First, told my buddy's Flounder, Gus, and Steve about it (they all ride bikes to some degree), and am hoping they will go there, get drunk, take pictures, and provide me with some sort of feedback. Second, I'm gonna tell the folks, hope they can stay up that late in Brooklyn, and maybe go check it out. Hopefully I will get lucky both parties will go, then my drunken college friends will try to get my parents to drive them back to NYC, I would never hear the end of that one.

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