Wednesday, March 10, 2010

News Time

Not much doing for myself right about now, playing the waiting games with some grad schools, and trying to ride. I was banking on getting out on the MTB for some good old fashion SS time, checking out what the trail situation is Pattee was. Well thanks to the old glassy eyed women who was giving the Census test on Monday, by the time I got back from Florence, the weather had turned, and the MTB ride got put on hold. The rain turned to snow during Monday night, and now trail time has been pushed back for a while. Maybe I'll just go back down to Tucson for a couple weeks. Here's the good stuff thats going on in the world of cycling, with my thoughts attached. I promise that I got something that resembles actual content in the works.

Race Across The Sky and Marshall Hill Climb - I'm pumped for tomorrow evening, it will be good times for sure.
Harlan reflects - Can't think of anyone else who has given as much to the sport of MTB for basically no money and the chance to just race. Big ups and good luck to Harlan on his new adventures in life and racing. Totally agree with him that people need to learn about the MTB available in PA, but I am not jazzed about his plan to go try to win Marathon Nationals then burn the Stars and Stripes jersey that we fought to get.
CyclePassion - I like attractive women, I like women who ride bikes, I like women who get photographed not wearing a lot of clothing. This calender combines all three of those.
Floyd's got a team - Why the fuck can't this guy just go back to Pennsylvania? Now he's gonna be some sort of mentor.
Another Doper gets a Second Chance - The only logical place to get a job after spending some time in the clink is with a WNBA team.

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