Sunday, March 7, 2010

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Yeah, I did something that I havent done in a while, not really by choice, more of necessity. I went on a longer ride on a geared road bike. I felt like Larry Craig in an airport bathroom stall. I can't really remember the last time I actually enjoyed a geared road ride, but I needed to remind myself what it was like. Out of nowhere last night before heading out to carbo load I heard the air escaping from my front tire on the Snake. Didn't have a spare tube, and couldnt think of any shop that would be open on Sunday. With no MTB open, I had to go over to the dark side, and I wasnt too thrilled about. I did my best to get out of town hopefully without being spotted by anyone who would be expecting to see me without gears. The bike gods frowned upon my decision to ride with the aid of gears, and punished me with making me feel like shit for the final hour and half of pedaling. First thing tomorrow, that flat is getting fixed, and I will be stocking up on tubes to make sure this doesnt happen again.

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