Monday, March 29, 2010

Things to Do, Worlds to Save

That title couldnt be further from the truth, I really only have one world to save. Time to do some calculations, thinking, and rambling through this world. The big calculation is the next race/adventure to go on. Hinted at this with yesterdays post, and believe me I understand that in the grand scheme of life the decision that I face is quite trivial. Last week I had made some tenetive plans to spend the weekend of April 10, heading down to Boise to race the Barking Spider. Got a college friend who lives in town, so free lodging wasnt a problem, the drive down there is one of my favorites in the state of Idaho, and I got some unfinished business at this race last year (missed out on first by 30 seconds or so). Those plans got tossed around the spin cycle when post Speedwagon had a missed call from none other than Mr. Birtch. He mentioned that weekend he was planning to head over to the Dawn Til Dusk race in Gallup, NM racing in the duo class and was in need of a partner.

Racing solo at 2007 Dawn Til Dusk
Sure driving to Northern New Mexico is a little different than driving to Boise from Missoula, but Dawn Til Dusk is just one of those races. Anytime a MTB race promoter says that the course is "entirly singletrack", they are lying to try and get more people to show up and line their own pockets with the green. Not Dawn Til Dusk, there is about 50 yards worth of double track, and that is in the transition area (to allow for teams to trade off riders), the rest is wonderful desert singletrack. It's just one of those races with one of those vibes. Dejay also made it seem that after hitting up Dawn Til Dusk, we could just cruise on over to Sea Otter for the race the next weekend. It's times like these that I had a credit card with a higher limit, and an interest rate below 0.1%. So yeah, thats what I got to figure out, go do another multi week MTB road trip with a good friend with one race that I love and another race that I've always wanted to do, or head onto Boise for a long weekend with scent of blood in the nostrils.

Chicago weather forecast

In other news, had to check out the Chicago weather for the big SRAM trip I got starting later this week. If you still don't think that there is some sort of fucked up climate change going on with the planet, take a look at this weather forecast for Chicago, under no circumstances should Chicago be this warm at this time of year. But at the same time, it should make my life as product tester a lot easier. It also looks like while I'm gone Missoula will be getting some much needed moisture, which makes me happy for two reasons 1.) it's needed, and 2.) I won't be around to deal with it. I like precipitation when it takes place while I'm asleep or somewhere else, kinda like visits from people you can't stand.

Missoula weather I'll be missing

In the wide wide world of road bikes, doper extrordinarie, Michael Rasmussen basically said that all the trouble he had would have never happened if he had changed his nationality to Mexican in 2005. I got to agree with him, if he had changed his nationality, he would have been governed by whatever official doping organization exists in Mexico, which is probably on the same level of honesty as the guys who enforce drinking age laws at fraternity parties in college. Let's not forget this is the same guy who back in 2005 was willing to inject himself with calf's blood to try and get a leg up on the competition. I got an idea for folks who get busted doping, tell them they can get a shorter suspension if they promise to keep their mouth shut for the rest of their racing career. If they talk, they get the boot from the sport, Rasmussen would be the first to go, and I'd be happy to actually give him the kick in the ass.

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