Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Tough Race

We all could go on and on about how we have done some tough race, ride, event, fill in the blank. Sorry folks I think the folks duking it out up at the Iditarod Trail Invitational, probably take the cake. For whatever reason using sled dogs to travel 1000 miles in Alaska in February and March wasn't tough enough, so some folks decided to do it on bikes, foot, or ski. Basically these folks have really blurred the lines between super tough and super stupid, and your jaw just drops when you follow it. If you got the free time for the next couple of days, go ahead and keep checking the current standings/results right here. Personally I'm hoping both Jay and Tracy Petervary both complete the race, and do well. What can I say I got a soft spot for people who I drank Dale's Pale Ale with after the Saturday Awards at Moose Cross.

Below is the picture of my mustache I promised earlier. So far the reviews have been mostly negative. Mom, Dad, and Sister all think I look stupid, but at least Elliot that it was a nice mustache. Ignore my huge nose.

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