Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Saturday kicks off the racing season as far as I'm concerned (along the lines of races I actually care about, and therefore are the only races that count as races) with the Speedwagon Classic. Did this one last year with the Mules, and despite two flats, walking a mile, begging some dude for his rear wheel, and being really hungover at the start, this was a great time. Registration starts at 10:30 at Matt Seeley's house (I dont know the address, but I'm sure you can ask around and figure it out, plus Polson is not that big), the gun will go off at noon. Get ready for some good times, and jokingly Seeley has told me that we may have an SS prize (which I told him he didnt have to do, due to me being the sole SSer who will show). Hoping some members of the Mules will head on over Friday night for some good times before heading up to the race on Saturday, except for Cory who is still in Thailand learning how to sew, which will allow him to open up a clothing company called "Flamboyant" when he gets back stateside (this is true, I dont have the time or the energy to make shit up anymore).

On a more somber level, one of the Cape Epic racers passed away on Tuesday. James Williamson was a former 24 hour solo world champion, and at the age of 26, he was unable to be awoken by his teammate Tuesday morning in South Africa. According to the Cape Epic website, this is something that was completely out of the blue, with no complaints coming from James or his teammate following Monday's stage. This sucks, and I'm sure plenty of thoughts. prayers, and sympathy will be sent his family's way in Australia.

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  1. Registration is at a new location, scope the flier,