Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race Across The Sky Recap

No more reflection, just a quick recap of the Race Across The Sky. For me it started Thursday afternoon when Mr. MTCX asked me to help him and Rebecca to unload all of the goodies which were going to be raffled off later that evening. When I saw the multiple cases of PBR pounders, I knew the evening would be good. After getting work done the next move was the group ride to Turah followed by the Marshall Mountain Hill Climb Challenge. We all meet, and the group sized doubles once Bryce goes to collect the UofM team. All the while I take the time to enjoy a Pabst, nothing like that pre-ride fuel.

The ride gets going, easy pace, plenty of chatting, no one trying to show off how fast they are that week. One stop to let everyone catch up (and to take a piss in my case), then we head back towards town, all getting ready for the hill climb. At the bottom, layers are shed, and we all line up, Radley says go, and all are off. I got the hole shot, and sure enough after less than 30 seconds a group of Radley, Bryce, Agner, Tyler, JDoll, and someone else scream pass. I figure I'm getting set for a day of chasing them. Not the case, I keep em close enough, and by once the road turns up for good, I get by Radley. I get to watch Tyler sneak up on Agner and Bryce, then see Tyler and Agner duke it out. In the final sections I take advantage of my big gear to pass Bryce for 3rd. Agner took the win for the boys, and Campbell for the gals, kudos to them, I hope the enjoyed the champagne.

Get back to town, shower, change, then head to Big Sky for food, brew, and conversation. Lots of folks who I had never seen before are down there, but I still get plenty of food and beer in me. Head on over for the movie, which turns out to be pretty good, even though I knew how it ended. Wish there had been more concentration on Rebecca vs. Amanda battle for the womens top spot, some love for the SS folk, and some talk about the Lance last minute worker bee controversey. All in all a good movie, and good night, and I got myself a spot to crash down in Sun Valley when I go to defend my Grinder title. Good times. Happy Weekend.

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