Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Doesn't Like Free Toys

The folks over at SylvanSports have come up with a big contest where a ton of free outdoor gear is up for grabs. I got to say I like the concept they are using about rather than just signing up to win toys in a raffle, you actually have to work to get them. Not a bad idea, check it out, register if you want to, then see if you can figure out where the prize is located. With that, don't forget two things that you should do today 1.) TTTT up in the Rattlesnake 2.) Fill out those NCAA bracket, let office productivity stop!, and I hope that Kansas FUCKING DESTROYS Lehigh, those people suck.


  1. I got about 10 seconds into that chick's spew, and I was like "SHUT UP!".
    That thing is pretty cool though

  2. adventure racing is for people that are mediocre at a lot of stuff, and who don't like to sleep.