Sunday, April 4, 2010

Der Ronde is My Easter

Happy Der Ronde to you as well. To the folks that listen to the old man in a funny hat (I was counted amongst these folk for a time), you might know this day as Easter. Try as Easter may, a basket full of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and oversized chocolate bunnies, it's got nothing on that big boy from the land of the Swiss stomping out the best of the rest over in Belgium. This is the first time I will have access to the VS on a Sunday during cycling season, meaning I plan on catching some of the replay from Flanders later today. The last few days in the Windy City have been nice, and the legs have been used for nothing more than taking me from one eating or drinking spot to the next. Stopped on over at SRAM hoping to get treated like a king, instead I was the dunce, and somehow they had forgotten about sending me that invite last week. One quick photo of me on Lake Michigan, otherwise known as the kiddie pool for angry Cubs/Bears/Sox/Bulls/Blackhawk fans.

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