Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got out for a top notch ride following being pissed off Friday morning. Four hours of hitting dirt in two of Missoula riding areas can calm me down from just about anything. No need to bore you with details, I took some pictures from the ride, enjoy them and explanations. As far as the trail closing down in Bozeman, I got the idea to have a "funeral ride" where all who ride bikes on the planet are welcome to attend. I'd like it to be New Orleans style, so "When the Saints Go Marching In" can be sung. However, while discussing the idea with EMule last evening he said that the trails will are most likely going to be covered in snow and unrideable. Regardless if any of the trails which will be closed to the MTB love are rideable next weekend, I will try to put this together, and will post details here.

Crazy Canyon

30 minutes in and I'm salty enough for butterfly love

This is what a happy SSer looks like

Big thanks to the City of Missoula for building water fountains, than covering them up

Thats a wide COCK...pit

Knees Eye View on ride home

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