Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'll Give You a Race With Some Singletrack

So often us riders of the dirt care about one thing in a race: singletrack. Find me a MTB racer who says that there favorite part of a race course is when they get to ride that long doubletrack which is free of any obstacles, and I will find you 1.) someone I would like to punch in the face, and 2.) someone who isnt a MTB racer. We all want singletrack the race course, more often than not we have to deal with a bunch of doubletrack, or paved roads to separate everyone out or some other bullshit reason.

The good news is that there are some race promoters who think singletrack is what we need, and lots of it. Enter Scott Morris, who along with a select few others in this country (Curiak, Petervary, etc) will make your "epic" days look like a warm up. Scott for a bunch of years now has been putting on the AZT 300, which uses the Arizona Trail for a course, start in Mexican border, end in Tucson, try not to get too much cactus in yourself along the way. No entry fee, no support, no bitching. This year, Morris has stepped it up, making the race be a full on border to border test of one's manhood (or womanhood if you are lacking the man parts, but have the lady parts in spades). 750 miles, longest singletrack bike race in the world, who the fuck knows how many different ecosystems/microclimates you'll have to pass through. Let's not forget once you hit the Grand Canyon (yeah that huge fucking scar that cuts across northern arizona), you get to throw that bike on your shoulder and walk it across. Yeah, 21 miles of hiking with your bike and gear on your back, cause the NPS will throw you in jail if those tires touch the ground (if you dont believe me, ask the riding the spine boys).

Yeah, the CTR, has been getting a bunch of buzz (from the likes of Kerkove and others), about its elevation, length, and weather, but I think AZT 750 might have it beat (Note: I think I am mildly objective about this, I have lived in AZ, and plan to live in CO, therefore I like both states). While the AZT doesnt go anywhere near 10,000 feet in elevation, getting your ass up the Colorado Plateau will be a bitch. Also the weather will go from really hot (Mexico border region), to "Oh shit I hope it doesn't snow tonight" once you get up north. And I don't think there is any chance of bumping into some sort of Mexican Drug Cartel who is trying to smuggle a bunch of people across the border anywhere along the Colorado Trail.

Here's my predictions for what would go down in the AZT 750. If Scott races few people could challenge him, as long as nothing horrible happens, he'll win it. If Ohio Rob races, he will finish, cause if he doesn't I will drive to Ashville to fart on all his pillows. BGR has the best shot of anyone to be the first to finish this race on a fixie (yeah a fixie!!) At least half of those who start won't finish. Anyone who tries this without Stan's No Tubes, will be sorry.

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