Tuesday, April 27, 2010


That's short for Goddamn Hippies, now before you go off thinking that I am some crusty old man who complains too much, keep in mind I am a crusty young man who complains too much. Anyway, I came across this article on the CyclingSnooze, and was forced to chuckle. Let's be honest here, I'm sure that a Pro Tour bike race produces a lot of trash that never finds its way into a garbage can, and three riders got singled out by an environmental group. Sucks to be them, I guess sometimes the luck of the draw is bad luck. Prior to today I had never heard of La Coalition Nature, but this seems like a PR stunt with a dusting of actual care for the general well being of the planet.

One of the cyclists who was singled out found it humorous, and said that "it's difficult to find a solution of the problem." Guess what in about three seconds i just came up with two workable solutions. 1.) Don't fucking litter, last I checked your jersey pockets won't self combust if an empty food wrapper is kept in them. 2.) Just get the kids from the local juvie to follow behind the race cleaning up any leftover trash (hey it worked at the first Red Bull Rampage). The other great piece of news is that Team Sky is starting to use bio-degradable bottles during races. Makes you wonder how long it takes these bottles to bio-degrade, is it like the new bags from Lays which apparently decompose in 7 weeks? What are the odds that one of these bottles begins to biodegrade during a race, leaking precious liquid fuel? Is there an online sports book where I can bet on this?

You ask who I side with on this. Personally I'm on the side of La Coalition Nature for a few reasons. 1.) We only have one planet, and it's already fucked up enough, so let's try to keep things clean. 2.) Professional athletes need to be reminded that they aren't above the regular folk. 3.) This article introduced me to the word "Walloonian", which for the time being is my new favorite word, I plan to use it in a sentence today. I just personally wish that the environmentalists had gone one better and gone after the entire peleton, and had a paddy wagon waiting for them at the race finish, and just start arresting people. I bet a bunch of rides would have dug that cause they would have been able to avoid doping control.

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