Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother Nature

Like any mother, she can either whack you upside the back of your head with a wooden spoon, or comfort you and make you feel loved. Right now with the weather, she is giving me the former. And this is an old fashioned smack with the wooden spoons similar to what my grandmother used to do, until I realized that I was quicker than her, and if I ran away she couldnt hit me. The weather for the next day blows, really hard. I can deal with shit weather while riding, thats what wool and layers were invented for. But this weather will affect brewfest here in Missoula on Saturday, drinking outside should involve some sunshine. I guess I got spoiled with the top notch weather last week, the kind where the rides get longer, and tan lines become more visible. When that weather will return is anyone's guess.

Came across this photo from SingleSpeedAPalooza, and in my humble opinion, it should be an option on any commuter bike. Those guys over at Surly should work on mass producing them. Along the same lines of awesome things that deal with alcohol, Wordens is now carrying six packs of Victory Brewing Cos. delicious suds. I saw this and almost wet myself.

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