Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pushing that 18

Made the switch of the rear sprocket yesterday, putting that sissy 20 tooth away for the time being, and slapping on the trusty 18 tooth. I rode the 34x18 for the beginning of 2009, until I got to XC nationals, let the pussy jeans kick in and switched over to the 20, which I wound up using for Galena (very helpful) and Laramie (helpful). Since then I just kept the 20 on, and I constantly felt like pedaling on descents was a futile endever. No more, during yesterday's ride in the Rattlesnake, I was reminded of what pushing a tough gear was like. Also, while on some of the descents, I actually felt like I had a chain on my bike, rather than just being spun out. Climbing felt slower, and tougher, but since I dont own things like heart rate monitors, powermeters, or even a speedometer I really have no idea if that was the case. And frankly I don't give a shit, pushing a tougher gear is what I prefer, so that is what I'm gonna do (plus with free socialized health care just round the bend here in the states, I can get me some replacement knee parts for nothing in a few years). What I do know is that the ride I got in yesterday, felt much better on an 18, than when I did the same route on the 20.

Enough of my cycling, the second biggest race of the road cycling calender is happening this weekend, Paris-Roubaix. I give the nod to the Tour of Flanders for biggest race, cause it's in Belgium and when I think bikes I think of Belgium. Biggest or second biggest, Paris-Roubaix is loved by many and there or plenty of folks who have been planning all of their off season riding towards this one day. Cancellara and Boonen seem like the even money bets, and they deserve that title, both have won there in the past, both are looking strong right now. I wish I could say that I have high hopes for Boy George in the stars and bars kit, but the hype that has surrounded him in the classics for the past decade, has been just that, hype. However, if he can pull that rabbit out of his hat on Sunday, I will gladly eat that plate of crow. Despite all this, the race can still be a total crapshoot with luck playing as much of a role as ability, so it's anyones race. I just wonder if the fine folks at Flippers would be willing to put cycling on the big screen on Sunday.

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