Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast for some MTB

The powers that be always pound this shit into your head, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Guess what that is only true when the breakfast is delicious, and gives you a happy belly for multiple hours. Half a grapefruit, a small bowl of plain oatmeal, small bran muffin, and some sort of fruit juice might be great on paper, but mark my words the only thing it does for you is make you want more food in 12 minutes. So how is it that I prepare for a few hours in the saddle, using one meal as my main source of fuel, with mancakes, some form of pig, and caffeine.

What's a mancake you ask yourself? Simple, cook up a pancake or twelve, keep the batter thick so the pancake is thick and fluffy. Once pancakes are cooked, remove and cover in a coating of peanut butter, cover peanut butter in powdered sugar. That's a mancake, it's got everything your body supposedly needs, tastes wonderful, and will keep those cranks a turning on the bike. As far as the pig goes, pick the form you like, cook it up, and enjoy. It's a scientific fact that foods like bacon and sausage make you ten time more mentally efficient, and thirty times more physically efficient. The caffeine part can be tricky because everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes. For me it depends on the time of the day and the mood I am in. Anytime that you wake up due to an outside force other than your body simply saying, "it's time to wake up", means hot coffee is a requirement. Other than that time of day, I am partial to soda (thanks Dad).

So in the end the moral of the story is that a proper breakfast is a good way to start the day, but tweaks need to made in order to make it part of your ride prep. The past four days of top end weather have resulted in many a hour in the saddle for self. And these ain't your mommas lolligagin hours, I'm talking about spending some time feeling your heartbeat in your eardrums. Fuel before each of these rides has been the same except for the number of mancakes prepared. So my gift to you today is the perfect pre-ride breakfast, which has helped me to pillage singletrack these past days, 2 mancakes, 4 strips of bacon, and a large glass of orange soda (hey it was free at Albertsons). Eat up, enjoy, and maybe later this week I'll provide you with my secret hangover remedy morning beverage.

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