Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making it Count

Thanks to Tuesday's snow, riding the MTB was out of the question yesterday. This caused me to get out and do an oldie but a goodie ride on the SSCX bike. Head on over to Trails End, and get hill climb repeats in. Ten had been the most I had ever done in one ride, so I figured I'd shoot for that. By number 7 the climb was starting to hurt, and I figured I'd just take it easy on the last trips. Right as I was finishing number 9, Big Shot Gallego crests the hill to start his own out and back trip. He turned around and finished up with me, then we agreed to do my final trip together. As we started I figured once Alex took off, I would let him go and just ride my own pace up. None of that, riding with Alex pushed me to make that last trip hurt and burn, getting all the goodness out of the climb. I don't know if it was my fastest trip of the day, but I'm going to say it was my most worthwhile trip of the day, just doing what I could to make it count.

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