Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Reading

Winter can be cold and dark, and since I have moved to MT has meant that I typically read more. Just finished reading "Where Men Win Glory" by John Krakauer, and it made the grade for me. Unlike his two other books I have read (Into the Wild and Under the Banner of Heavan), Krakauer didn't jump around too much from year to year or story to story. Everything seemed to flow in a fairly linear path. While I was expecting him to take several opportunities to go out of his way to slam the Bush Administration for their role in the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and the cover up of the circumstances surrounding Tillman's death, that never happened. With that if you have the free time, and are looking for something to read, check it out.

The other book I have read in the past three weeks has been "Among the Thugs" by Bill Buford. It is a glimpse inside the world of English soccer Hooligans (if you have ever seen Eurotrip, you got a glimpse of what this may be), and after reading the first section detailing a riot in Europe I was in shock. Buford writes the book Hunter S. Thompson style, except not in the "im all hopped up on Scotch and cocaine" style of Thompson. This book made me realize that the post rugby match tomfoolery I was a part of in college is nothing compared to these guys. Next up for me is about the OG of badass geologists, John Welsey Powell. I'm also hoping that sooner rather than later the Riding The Spine boys write a book, but hopefully they will clean their feet first.

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