Saturday, January 23, 2010


Looks like Germany will finally fall in line and allow folks to race on the proper wheel size. I'm not sure why Germany were being such huge 29 haters, but better late than never.

The 2010 American Mountain Bike Challenge calender just got released. The Barking Spider down in BoyZee got added to the list. Dolla Bill and self went down and represented the Big Sky at this race last year. Looks like I might have to save some money to head on down there, and put Wild Rockies Toby in his place.

Screw Interbike, for the regular joes there is now Outerbike. Head down to the desert at the beginning of October to try out a bunch of bikes, if you can't get to Sin City. I'm surprised that the dates don't match up closer with the 24 Hours of Moab.

Looks like some up and coming pop star killed a cyclist, and didn't believe it when the cops told him. I'd write more, but I'd just get pissed off, check out the articles, and wait for your blood to boil. This guy is a top notch ass clown, I hope he gets a stiff punishment.

All for now, time to ride, enjoy the picture below from a time when roadies didnt care about power meters, keeping a steady cadance, wine was the preferred drink of choice, and wool was the norm.

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