Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Titus Oddvertising

This story is hot off the presses from the folks over at (which if I might add, has helped me to loathe Velonews less). Apparently the fine folks over at Titus are taking ideas as to just how far people are willing to go to get a free ride. And acting as "the cherry on top of the sundae" for this entire idea is the fact that everything is taking place through Facebook. Not to get too off topic or seem like a bitter angry old man, but in my humble opinion when people look back on the years 2000 to 2010 they will not say that we took a turn for the worse with the first "election" of Dubya, but rather when Facebook became such a huge aspect of people's lives. Facebook is stupid.

So far there are two options, the first being, you present a tattoo design, and location on your body, and whoever gets the most votes (and goes through with the tattoo), gets a free bike from Titus valued at over 5 grand. Above is one of the submitted ideas, and below is the bike the winner gets to take home. I'm all for people doing odd/borderline stupid things for free things (God knows I've done my fair share), but tattoos can be removed. I think it should be a branding instead of a tattoo, cause there isnt a laser treatment around to get rid of a brand. Also, it seems like everyone has a tattoo these days, few have brands, aside from guys who are dumb enough to join a fraternity that requires brands as part of their pledging process.

The second aspect of the contest is getting a pair of X Carbon mountain bikes if you decide to get married in a Titus kit. Since divorces are becoming as popular and common as tattoos, I think the contest should state that if the couple winds up getting a divorce, Titus gets a stake in the couples assets worth the value of the two bikes. Additionally, everything is about dressing down these days (casual Friday, no-pants hump day, etc etc), so finding two people who like to ride bikes, are getting married, dont mind saving money on a dress and tux should be too hard. I wonder if Titus would give bikes to all the groomsmen and bridesmaids if they too wore Titus kits?

X-Carbon bike up for grabs

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