Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In The News

Things are kind of boring, so why waste time trying to figure odd/entertaining ways to fill the SSMT void. In between trying to find work, trying to sell socks, trying to figure out what grad school program might be better than the next (even before knowing of either acceptance or rejection), dreaming of SSUSA, and trying to keep thin and trim, I like to pick up news bits here and there.

Looks like NPS is trying to gauge the publics interest and ideas about allowing mountain biking at the New River Gorge. Found this one over at the Dirt Rag, they got the link where you can let the NPS know what you think. I'm all in favor of it, I think the fact that the local mountain bikers would be so giddy to make that work, they will volunteer a ton of time, and follow all the rules for both 1.) setting a foundation for more trail opportunities on NPS lands, and 2.) absolute fear of losing the privelage.

On a sad note, the founder of the Arizona Trail passed away from cancer earlier this week. I never met the guy, but rode and work on the trail he concieved. Few states have the diverse mountain biking landscape like Arizona, and the AZ Trail is over 800 miles of greatness. So, Dale hopefully now you are enjoying the great trails in the sky, thanks for your idea and dedication to something that has brought me fiendship and happiness.

Get ready for the biggest news shocker of the decade, Mark McGwire used sterioids. Thats about as shocking as finding out that the majority of college students illegally drink while underage. Years of following cycling has made me numb to athletes admitting to steroid use, another day another doper, all I do is yawn. The real shocking thing is that Jose Canseco is turning out to be the only honest athlete in this whole steroid era. He should just write another book titled, "Told You So."

More news from the DC front, they picked up a new contributer. Still cant wrap my head around the whole triathalete thing, but it will be nice to get some female input over there. Judi thinks that Wellington will "chick" Lance at Kona in 2011. I would love to see that, especially if it involved her passing Lance on the run while whispering, "pussy" in his ear.

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