Sunday, January 10, 2010

Football Woes

I guess the reason some the of the ice in Missoula is starting to melt is because more ice is needed to help Hell freeze over. Tony Romo, Wade Phillips, and the rest of the crew of flunkies referred to as the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game, so yes Hell as frozen over, and nothing in the universe seems right. I was expecting to wake up this morning and see nothing but darkness, but alas, that is not the case. Just take a look at the thought of Big Juan, and you can see that those Philly fans were ready to jump off the Betsy Ross bridge. Few things in life suck more than fans of Texas teams have a legitimate reason to be happy. I watched the second half in complete awe with an buddy of mine who is an eagles fan, and had the bar been serving pints of oven cleaner, he would have been sucking it down to numb the pain. It's pathetic when all you are doing is rooting for injuries, and thats what we were doing.

Dad and I already had a quick chat about the Jets winning today, and despite the fact that he lives 25 minutes away from the Meadowlands, a town away from the Jets head coach said, "I was hoping they would lose because, I really dont care about the Jets". Yeah I'm in that boat two, the football season ended two weeks ago for me, when the Giants stopped playing with an ounce of heart, and the Jets became the first tier team in the New Jersey area. It Arizona gets trounced today, it will prove the point, that if you lie down the last week of the season, you are fucked for the playoffs. Right now I'll support the Vikings, because they play the Cowboys (who I hate), and someone I know stands to make a substantial amount of money if they win the Super Bowl.

In some bike news, it looks like on of Missoula's finest MTB'ers will be racing next year on Felt Bikes. The Kenda/Tomac/Hayes team of Andy Schultz is now Kenda/Felt, and has a slimmed down roster. Seeing this bummed me out because two fine gals, Holmes and Zephanie, got left off the squad. They are quality riders, and I have no idea what factors went into the roster decisions, so I wont pretend to offer an idea. The team still does have Andy, Amanda, Colin, and recently added Judy Freeman, all of whom are good eggs, so they got my support. If Rebecca Rusch doesnt show up, I'd bet money on Amanda at Leadville, and if she included it in her race schedule, she could probably take a couple of NUE races.

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