Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010, my name is Andrew

2010 is upon us, a new year, a new decade, you get the picture. Times to set some new goals, both for bikes, and for life. Snake had a great take on how to approach the new year (as well as some interesting reflection), simply put he summed it up with three words, "do it better". While this appear to be a cliche, Snake has provided me with some great advice such as, "ride hard", "you rode that course with a 16 tooth? thats fucking stupid", and "every ride should either start or finish with a ride through the U of A to look at chicks." So yeah, I'll listen to him again, just try to do things better than I did them before, whether bikes or life.

More good stuff from the New Year, go take a glance at the most recent issue of VeloNews. On page 26 (or around there), there is a nice interview with everyone's favorite Amish looking guy, Fuzzy John. I will say that any press Fuzzy gets he has earned, the hard way, by spanking the competition in whatever race he toes the line at. While in Missoula, Fuzzy enjoys meals at Hob Nob, cookies from Bearnice's, and singlespeeding up Deer Creek Road while towing his son behind him. Good on ya Fuzzy, I'm hoping to bump into you at SSUSA.

That's all thats doing for now, comfortable riding is still a long way off here in Missoula, time to enjoy some nordic, and maybe even try this running thing. Who the hell knows, at least the days are getting longer, which helps my brain forget that its Winter. Welcome to 2010, try to do it better.

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