Saturday, January 16, 2010

Those Canadians are Thinkers

Looks like the folks who put on the Intermontane Challenge are setting up a SS specific class. That is great news, I just hope there is enough interest from racers to make it a competitive class. Also hoping that some of the mistakes I heard were made last year get sorted out. I'm sure that temperatures not in the 90s and 100s would help too. Stage racing seems like the next big thing, like what 24 Hour races were in the late 90s and 100 milers a few years back. If I had the money and the strength, I would try to race the one of the solo stage races (Breck or Intermontane) and something with a teammate like BC Bike Race or Cape Epic. Wonder if anyone would be crazy enough to put on a MTB stage race here in Montana?

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