Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stijn Devolder = Tough

Saw this over at the cyclingsnooze today, and it put a smile on my face. No wonder this guy has been spanking everyone at der Ronde for the past two years, he's one tough dude. Covering 100 miles during a 5 hour ride during a Belgian Winter is f'ing tough. The only thing missing from the article was Devolder stating that for breakfast he eats bowl of nails and broken glass. I especially enjoy the line of, "it is not so cold that you freeze onto your bike." I do wonder at what exact temperature a person would actually freeze to their bike, maybe Hurl and his CRC crew could try to figure that out the next time an arctic blast travels across Minnesota.

I also enjoyed how Devolder kinda threw "Columbian Marching Powder" Boonen under the bus because he opted to train indoors, and escape to Spain, rather than tough it out in Belgium. Granted you can't call a three time winner of Paris- Roubaix a pussy, but if anyone can do it, its the two time defending Tour of Flanders champ, who sees no point in flying to Spain for warm weather training. Who the hell knows I am rambling, and thinking way too much about this, probably because this is the time of year that I curse myself for moving from Tucson to Missoula. For those of you who might have need some motivation to get out and ride/ski in the cold weather, check this read out, odds are whatever weather you are experiencing, isn't as bad as what Jill dealt with.

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  1. If you were to ride naked ... maybe today you would freeze to your rig ... ouch!