Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moab Payout and Races

The UPS man brought me a present yesterday in the form of a new EBB.  My payout for pitting at Moab, even if it was only for 8 hours.  The really spiffy part was that it appears that without knowing I have started a company called "Sucka Big Time", which appeared on the "Company" line of the address (its tough to read in the picture below, but trust me its there).  If I'm ever gonna make any money off this company it looks like I'm gonna need to incorporate that and get me some grillz.  I've wanted this new EBB for about a year or so, and finally getting it makes me happy.  I think it will save me around 40 grams or so of weight, which when translated into about 4 kg of "weight I can still carry on my frame because i dropped my bikes weight" leftover college Natty Light I wont have to burn off.  

Big week for the NY vs Philly rivalry with the World Series kicking off tonight.  Good thing I have no motivation to race cross because the final race at Fort Missoula starts at 5:30, and first pitch of the game is at 6:00, giving me the perfect excuse to not even head across town.  However if you are looking for a great cross race this weekend, jam on over to Bozeman for MuleCross.  Those guys know how to put on a good time, and they were smart enough to get an alcohol permit for the day.  Cory is also on the microphone which is a great combination of high end stand up comedy and a ticking time bomb.  

Finally got an email today from Dejay about his most recent evil creation race down in the Old Pueblo.  The race sounds both horribly frightening, extremeley interesting, and full of great singletrack.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, there is no better plan for a mountain biker than Tucson, from November to March.  

Hey Yall,
 So here is an idea that I came up with for an event:

 Phase #1
Jan 8th 2010 at Midnight:
 The departure will take place from Prison Camp (Gordan Hirabayashi) on Mt Lemmon, AZ. We will hike with out our bikes through East Fork Trail to Box Camp Trail. Up Box Camp Trail to Box Camp trail head on Catalina Hwy. Here our bikes will be staged,(with some volunteers that I hope to find, if you know anyone have them get in touch with me).

 Phase #2
Get on your bike and head up Catalina Hwy, maybe go to Summerhaven for supplies(dependant upon if the restaurant is open). If you can by pass Summerhaven then it is straight to Red Ridge Tr. Down Red Ridge, up the backside of Charlou Gap, then down to Cherry Tank, through 50 Year Tr, all the way to Catalina State Park. Where I hope to have a camp spot reserved, so the night before cars can be parked there and refreshments will be waiting, along with the sign out board, so you and your time can be recorded (if you care).

Only your bike, water bottles on your bike, saddle bag and one gallon of water, can be staged for each person at Box Camp.
Sunrise on the 9th= 7:26am
Sunset on the 9th= 5:37pm
Entry Fee= 0 dollars
Prizes= your survival
Donations excepted for refreshment for the finish.(hard goods must be donated by wednesday the 6th).

I have arranged a shuttle to drop us and our bikes off($15 dollars per person) It will depart from my house at 10pm Friday night. There is enough room for 14 people and 20 bikes. Let me know if you are on board. I'll need your $$ and give you my address.
 Pass this on to those you think would be interested. And let me know if you are in. ASAP.

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