Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm out 20 bucks

While mountain biking and other forms of bike riding is how I get my competitive juices out, I invest far too much energy towards other sports, mainly football and baseball.  Sunday was a big day for me, the Giants played the Eagles in the am, followed by the Yankees versus the Phillies at night.  The sports nuts can call this all a big NY vs PA battle, but for a kid from the Dirty Jerz like myself it is really North Jersey vs South Jersey battle, in my mind.  If you were raised in North Jersey, you would be rooting for the Giants and Yankees on Sunday, South Jerseyans would be pulling for the Ealges and Phillies.  I have seen people get slapped in the face because they told someone they were from North Jersey, and that person felt they were from South Jersey.

Anyway, this is my fourth year of gambling on the Giants Eagles game against none other than Big Jonny over at the DC.  One case of Olde English is put on the line, we talk smack to each other during the season, complain about how horrible the Giants or Eagles are looking, and when all is said and done one of us winds up with a fridge full of malt liquor at the others expense.  Well this year I talked too much crap leading up to the game, and the gambling gods have put my in my place.  I knew the Giants were in trouble when my mom called me ten minutes into the game and told me the Giants were already down by two touchdowns, I knew it was just the tip of the iceberg.  The Giants completely crapped the bed, and I have no faith that they will finish with a record better than 9-7.  A team that everyone says has a great defense gave up 40 points, to a Westbrook-less Eagles, and Brandon Jacobs who is supposed to be a "wrecking ball" cant even break 90 rush yards.  With that Jonny will be getting a check in the mail, and I'm sure once he finishes this semester at law school he will be drinking booze that my money bought.  I wouldnt have it any other way.  

At least the Yankees won, keeping the surly folks of Philly angry and scared about tonight's game 5 of the series.  I was out on the Yankees for about 5 years or so, but when you combine the Cubs sucking since July, and three straight weeks of NY sports radio at the beginning of September I am back on the bandwagon.  What can I say it gives me more to talk about with my grandmother than the weather.  I just hope that Cliff Lee shows some signs of mortality tonight, and the Yanks can put this away, so the Philly folks wont gloat about the Eagles win too much.  That would just add on to the joy that I am feeling because it looks like we get a week rain free in the 50's up here in Missoula.  At least I'll get one more week of mountain biking up in the Rattlesnake before Old Man Winter settles down.  The race season for myself is done, and hibernation is just on the horizon.  Maybe some time on the trainer will be in order, but I think I'll just try to recreate the training montage from Rocky IV and Rocky VI.   

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  1. GO YANKEES......from the women who taught you how to root for the blue and white