Thursday, November 19, 2009

Onto The Next

Got my arse over the academic hurdle referred to as the GRE earlier today, so now its onto better and brighter things.  The plan now includes a few more days of riding before heading back to the Northeast for family and festivities.  Can't wait to get my full of traffic, dirty looks, and breathing in dirty air.  Self and Dollar Bill will be heading out to ride out own version of the Iron Cross on Sunday, 11 am at original K-Hole if you feel like joining, be ready for long ride with no refueling stops, the weak will be left on the side of the road.  

In Montana related news Saturday is the conclusion of the state cyclocross series, which for many might conflict with that Cats Griz game.  Too bad cyclocross and Cats Griz pales in comparrison to the ultimate life experience: Lafayette vs Lehigh.  Nothing better than watching one of the greatest degree granting institutions of the world (Lafayette) go and try to beat the crap out of that fourth rate group of life rejects who are too stupid to realize how much they suck (Lehigh).  It's quite the buzzkill I can't be out there with fellow alums sucking down a Mad Dog at 6 in the morning on an empty stomach, oh well I might just have to do that anyway.

Sunday is one last attempt to get a big ride in before all motivation is lost, once again if you wish to join, be at the old Kettlehouse at 11 am.  Bikes will be followed by football, and hopefully I wont have to throw something against the wall because the Giants royally suck.  Also got to deal with that packing before my way too early flight.  I am certain that being forced to spend multiple hours in a giant enclosed tube (airplane), will result me in getting some version of whatever flu is the new hot comodity.  All I got for now, enjoy the link dump. 

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