Monday, October 12, 2009

Moab Reports

The 2009 24 Hours of Moab is officially in the books, and this is the recap.  We headed out to the venue on Friday for some final camp setup and bike work.  While heading out to the expo area, Dejay and self bump into none other than Pipo Grove who was down for the weekend to race for the Hammer Nutrition Team.  Once all is taken care of on site, we headed back to town so Dejay could rest and I could view rocks on the road bike.  I convinced the lady at the entrance of Arches National Park to let me into the park to ride the first climb and get a picture of the Moab Fault.  Since I was back in less than 30 minutes, I got my five bucks back from her.  Once the ride was done, I headed back to the hotel to get some rest.  

Saturday morning meant race time, so after dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, I stood near Dejay's bike, so he would know where to go at the end of the run.  The race gets underway, and I settle in the boring role of pit crew, which is tougher than racing.  Making sure food is ready, bottles are filed, spare bikes are prepped, keeping track of lap times, watching racers go by, and every now and again shooting the breeze with other racers or pit folks.  Dejay's race went from good to bad when his back decided not to cooperate, and after six laps he choose to not risk his back and call it a race.  I was bummed, but until I got off and win myself multiple national championships and a world championships, I can't really force him to do anything race related.  So with no more pit responsibilities, I was able to hang out at other friends tent's, drink beer, enjoy the race stress free, and get some sleep.  

In the end, the Rebecca and Dax took the co-ed duo class (third overall for the duo class), Jake and the New Belgium folk took second in the five person co-ed class, and the Hammer crew helf off the Honey Stinger gang for second in the four man pro team.  After waiting way to long for the award ceremony to start, jerseys and medals were given out, and camp was packed up.  Jake joined me for the trip to the Front Range, and I got hooked up with a place to stay in Golden with Fast Eddy.  Looks like things are nice and cold up in MT for those cross racers, and I bet in a week or so, I will be getting back home, thankfull I have spent the past three weeks growing out my beard to keep me warm.  Enjoy the pictures.  

Moab Fault display in Arches National Park

Top of the first climb on the course

Sticking your tongue out at me guarantees a national championship jersey.

Rebecca and Dejay on course

Rebecca Rusch comes through solo row, that is one fast woman.

Night laps start, and this is all I would see for a while

Rebecca and Dejay post race

Hammer Nutrition Team (Pipo Grove, Dustin ???, Ben Parsons, and Matt Butterfield) getting their medals

Rebecca and Dax on the podium with their new jerseys

Your 2009 24 Hour Mix Duo National Champions

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