Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arizona and Utah

Here is the quick and dirty on the travels for the past five days or so:

- Grants, NM to Phoenix, AZ for a visit with Scooby and quick ride 
- Octoberfest and football with Deegs in Tempe
- Beer and life talk with Flemming in Tucson
- Nicos burritos and 24 of Moab prep with Dejay and Rebecca
- More football and catch up with Michael
- Easy ride around Tucson with Dejay
- Running errands in Tucson
- Happy hour and catch up with Baldyga
- Tucson to Flag with stop on Scooby's couch, and drive through Sedona
- Geophysics talk at NAU
- GREAT MTB ride in Flagstaff on borrowed handmade steel bike (everything anyone says about the great riding in Flagstaff is TRUE)
- Pay and Take
- Meet up with Dejay and Rebecca, travel to Moab through Monument Valley
- Set up camp at course
- Pre-ride Moab coarse

Pictures in no particular order:

Moab course, I could see nice cross beds in the outcrop, but there wasnt enough time to invegstigate.

Plenty of sand in the desert

Monument Valley

No caption needed

Gnarly descent on the course, we walked this part

Our shadows and the La Sal peaks

Beginnings of 24 hour town 

Riding in Flagstaff

Borrows bike (thanks to Brycycle of AZ Bikes in  Flag)

Red rocks of Sedona

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