Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursdays Life Ramblings

It is no secret that I am a big supporter of Niner Bikes.  I ride their frame, am friends with their racing team, and they have taken care of me quite well in the past two years.  In their most recent newsletter, they tell you how at Interbike they gave away a frame to one lucky IMBA supporter.  After viewing the picture from the newsletter, I wished I could have been at Interbike to see this picture being staged.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wicki Wicki, the 2009 24 Hour Duo Mixed National Champion.  Niner should have made that an option, you could either have the frame, or a day on the trail with Rebecca.  I'm doing what I can to get Rebecca to send me an autographed copy of the picture.  

In non bike related news, Big Jonny over at Drunkcyclist once again has reason to celebrate.  His Phillies are back in the World Series for the second straight year.  Jonny was able to convince himself the Phillies won last year because he stable a picture of Billy Penn to a tree in his backyard.  For anyone who has ever been to the City of Brotherly Love, you probably observed that the Philly folks are just plain angry/surly.  And for the most party people from New Jersey are no different, and that might be why Jonny and I get along as well as we do.  As a New York Giants fan, one of my passions in life is giving Eagles fans (or just people from Philly) as much grief as possible.  Below is the email exchange we had today:

Big Man, 

A big congrats to the Phillies, the city of Philly, and you.  I just want you to remember that even if the Phillies do win their second world series in two years, the Eagles are probably still fucked.  When you can only put up three field goals on Pun's Raiders, got rid of Jeff Garcia but kept Kevin KolbMichael Vick is 1 for 5, you have to resign guys you already released once, and Brian Dawkins who you didnt want to resign this off season has turned the Broncos into a defensive power house, bad things are always around the bend.  Remember last year a week after the Phillies won the series, you wouldnt have had any clue that had happened, because the following Monday morning every Eagles fan was ready to jump off of the Billy Penn statue because they lost game.  So go on home suck down all the vitamin Y you can find, make a cheesesteak that is just loaded to the gills with cheeze whiz, and enjoy it. 

Jonny's response:

Don't ever change, man!

That just goes to show that any friendship that is based on a case of malt liquor wagered every year on a football game, is one that has the strength to keep going and going.  I'm sure that later in the year if the Giants get lit up by the Eagles, I will have a taunting email from Jonny waiting in my inbox. 

If you weren't already convinced that LA is full of a bunch of d-bags, check out this story over at 
VeloSnooze   Lets forgot the fact that guy on trial is a doctor, as a plain old human being, what sort of circuits do you have to be missing upstairs to think that the best way to teach someone a lesson about cycling on the road is to slam on your brakes with the intention of injuring them?  Maybe his sentance should be doubled, just to "teach him a lesson"  

Don't you forget about Rolling Thunder/Greased Lightning this weekend.  Missoula is the place to be, and I think that this year we are going to show Portland that they can have their brakeless fixies, skinny jeans, and emo haircuts, because Missoula will be challenging for supremacy for Northwest Cross Racing dominance.  If youre not excited, check out the links below, they will get the blood flowing back to your noggin.   

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