Friday, October 2, 2009

From East to West

Since the last post I made my way from Asheville, NC to Grants, NM.  Highlights along the way included bluegrass, beer, and bbq in Nashville, being pleasantly surprised by Knoxville, tasty biscuits and gravy, lots of clouds in Arkansas, stopping in Okemah, OK to walk around Woody Guthrie's hometown, and spending an afternoon in Santa Fe, NM.  Santa Fe and Nashville were great towns to spend time in for different reasons.  Hope you like the pictures, tomorrow I'm headed to Phoenix to meet up with Deegsy for an Octoberfest, I hope he still can't outdrink a water buffalo.

Riding back into Santa Fe, the city that just blends in to the landscape

The road up toward the ski area

Native American jewlery on sale in downtown

A cathedral that I went inside, and wasnt struck by lightning

Quite the balancing act

A van full of Canadian cyclists I passed

Mural in Okemah

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