Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick Laramie and some Ways to Waste your Time

Once I get some photos from the Laramie Enduro I'll go ahead and get a full post up. All I have to say is that in retrospect I am EXTREMELY happy that I got off the wait list, and had the chance to participate in the race. All aspects that go to making a great mountain bike race were taken care of, and I cannot thank Richard Vincent enough for putting together a great race. I wound up fifth place in the singlespeed, and 24th overall, so nothing to be too pissed about that. Also considering that I got to spend time with the family, I don't think I could ask for more in a race weekend. In the last week a lot has been going on up here in MT and other parts.

On the SSMT front, Hellgate Dave has been kind enough to offer some sponsorship, so if you are ever in Missoula and need some work done on your bike by one of the best mechanics around, stop in at Hellgate Cyclery.

Mr. MTCX and the rest of the NRO gang did a bang up job of putting on the ZooTown Throwdown on Sunday. I tried to make it back to Missoula in time to get to watch some portion of the final race, but I think my car could have handled going 90 mph. I will say that the post race gathering at Sean Kelly's was great.

Finally it seems like Missoula's finest photographer has been rather busy these past weeks between getting photos of the ZooTown Throwdown, and the Rapha Continental Crew. Check out the photos, you wont regret it.

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