Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little 100 mile mtb race for good measure

No way around this one, I'm an idiot plain and simple.  For any sane person who has been riding since March, and just came off a huge block of racing, a long chunk of rest time would be in order.  I hadn't planned on anything in between Laramie and Dakota, which would have given me a solid month or so off from racing.  Instead I came across the Pierre's Hole 100 this weekend down at Grand Targhee.  Dejay and I were bullshitting back and forth last night, swapping race plans for the weekend, when he told me that Pierre's Hole was being referred to by some as the poor man's Leadville.  I'm fine with that, especially because driving to Colorado takes a long time, and has forced me to drive across the Crow Res more times than I have wanted to this year.  Anyway, instead of a weekend off, I get to look forward to 100 miles of mountain biking with something like 13,000 feet of total climbing.  Not sure what to expect especially with my motivation to ride being at an all time low for 09, and that I havent done a 100 mile race yet this year.  I got a feeling this race is going to destroy me physically, which will force me to really just focus on putting together the final touches for SSMT, which is just over 2 weeks away.  I've heard from people, that there is some chatter about it going on, which is good.  So yeah two more days of bike riding, followed by two weeks of race preperation, maybe I'll be able to figure out how to bring it all together by the 29th.  

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