Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help a Brotha and Sista Out

Last week I wrote about how Heather Holmes, Harlan Price, Pua Sawicki, and Jeremiah Bishop were selected to race for the US at Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships, but had to pay their way to get there. Well in the case of Holmes and Harlan (the ones who have full time gigs on top of racing), their friends and sponsors have come up with ways to help fund their trips.

In Holmes’ case, Rev over at The Church of The Big Ring is having a blowout sale of all his merchandise, with ALL of the proceeds going to Holmes’ trip. Head on over, and in prep for cross season get yourself some motivation with a "HTFU" t-shirt.

To help Harlan’s cause the good folks over at CycleOps have donated a trainer which will be raffled off. The tickets are cheap, the prize is quality. and you will be helping out a guy who puts a ton of effort towards racing and riding. Even though Harlan lives out in Philly and is therefore my mortal enemy by default, head on over, and throw your name in the hat to win some high end bike stuff.

So if you have the spare money, head to the sites and buy some merch or raffle tickets to help out a good cause.

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