Monday, August 17, 2009

News and Info

Things are starting to come together.  I had a pleasant chit chat with Eric over at the Muleterro fort this evening, and it seems like everything as far as the venue has been finalized (I will post directions and other venue related information later this week).  Anyway if anyone is interested in pre-registering here is the link, if not feel free to just show up, it will work out all the same.  The website doesnt have a proper singlespeed class, so just sign up for whatever your usual mtb class is, and then on race day, the proper classification will be taken care of.  

I took care of "making" the grand prizes Sunday morning, and all I can say is BLING.  To victors will go the spoils, and by spoils I mean a medal that is larger than most dinner plates, and is completely unique to this event.  Just be totally prepared to earn it, remember a two parts bike, one part not bike battle royale will determine the winner.  There will be plenty of singlespeedy aspects to the race, like the choose your own adventure portion, "aid" stations, and a hill climb where minor cheating may be encouraged.  

Additionally Big Jonny and Homie Gnomie down at Drunkcyclist  sent some goods up this way for participants.  Gnome was kind enough to include his own stamp of approval for the event with a yellow post it note that simply said "F$*k Yea".  Jonny didn't include a not probably because he is still pissed about the Eagles signing Michael Vick, and that my Giants gets to potentially beat the crap out of him one two seperate occasions. 

For anyone who is interested the Montana Mountain Bike Alliance, is holding a big festival this weekend down in Lima, MT.  From the looks of things it should be a big party with tons of riding on high end trail, tasty food, booze, and tunes.  All that should be enough to get plenty of people down there, but to boot this is the organization that is doing a bunch to help mountain biking in the state, so the trip down to Lima might be well worth it.   


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